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The PMO Bootcamp (find the job, ace it, & master the PMO) by Hussain Bandukwala Udemy

Download: The PMO Bootcamp (find the job, ace it, & master the PMO) by Hussain Bandukwala

The PMO Bootcamp (find the job, ace it, & master the PMO) is the course offered by udemy for all those who want to know more about this topic.

Learn how to become a Project Management Office (PMO) leader & successfully setup the PMO – first-time right (20+ PDUs)

Surely some are looking for a free course on this subject; However, we can assure you that the most important teachers in the field have rated this udemy course as one of the best for how concrete and explanatory it is.

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The course professor Hussain Bandukwala

The The PMO Bootcamp (find the job, ace it, & master the PMO) course is taught by Hussain Bandukwala. For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

Learn more about Hussain Bandukwala:

Hussain Bandukwala is the Director & Chief Coach at Parwaaz Consulting, and helps project and business operations leaders succeed through coaching, workshops and other resources. He works with project, Project Management Office (PMO), business operations leaders and executives to conquer their biggest challenges in meeting strategic goals, achieving operational efficiency, and delivering project value.

The PMO Bootcamp (find the job, ace it, & master the PMO)

Description about The PMO Bootcamp (find the job, ace it, & master the PMO)

The Project Management Office or the PMO as it’s succinctly known, is the role or the department within an organization that is responsible for all things project management. It makes sure that the right things are happening at the right time by the right people in the right way. The person responsible for the PMO is the PMO Leader , with official titles varying from PMO Director to VP of Project Management and everything in between. There are plenty of resources out there for other sections and offices in a corporation, but PMOs are often the neglected middle child – with everyone fighting turf wars over funding and finishing their projects, nobody works to coordinate projects and keep them on track. They’re often treated like a layer of bureaucracy that comes between the company and its goals – but a well-managed PMO can be the opposite. I often come across many people who: are not aware of the differences between a project manager and a PMO leader are project managers within PMOs, haven’t had the best of experiences with them, and are looking for better avenues don’t realize the major boost a PMO leadership role can provide to their career (& financial) growth would like to become PMO leaders one day but are unsure of the career path to get there ask about the skills, mindset, experience that they can feel confident with when pursuing the role wonder how to prepare and position themselves (& their resumes) when finding the role get caught up in finding the silver bullet when settling in and setting up a PMO struggle when explaining the benefits of PMO and seeking buy-in from executive leadership and stakeholders seek proven roadmaps that guide to the successful setup and evolution of PMOs If you can associate with any of these, then you’ve come to the right place. I invited some of the leading PMO, project management, strategy, and change management experts, authors and practitioners from around the world to a summit that I founded and hosted: the PMO Virtual Summit . This course includes all the presentations (both audio/video and PDF versions) and bonus materials (tools, templates, eBooks and other resources) from the PMO Virtual Summit. In addition to receiving educational insights and tools from me, this “one-stop PMO learn fest” also features thought leaders including: Dr. Wanda Curlee (has helped Project Management Institute [PMI] prepare certification exams) Mark Price Perry (pioneer of the Business-Driven PMO) Bill Dow (author of multiple PMO books) Chris Croft (has taught the most hours of project management in the world) and many, many more In this course, you’ll discover: Does it make sense for a company to have a PMO if its project development is nascent or non-existent? How to make the case for your office to higher-ups in management – to get more resources, time, and allies in your company. How to make the case for YOURSELF as leader – knowing yourself, your place in the organizational culture, and getting a great role. How to make your case as a PMO leader when your bosses want a totally different methodology! The advantages (and follies) of a “virtual PMO” – working with people across your organization and around the world. Without executive investment and understanding and support, your PMO won’t have a future – how to cultivate and keep support with stakeholders QUICKLY. How to survive the politics of establishing your new office – both internal and external. How to save your PMO when a mistake and you in hot water. Maybe you’re already here! You’ll discover how to commit triage and salvage your department and your reputation after a string of defeats. What are the WRONG things to focus on as you’re getting started? And that’s not even close to everything you’ll learn and see. There’s so much diversity in the stories and battle-tested expertise of these experts, you’re virtually guaranteed to find something here that you relate to, that applies to your personal situation and needs. Just by tak…

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