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SELF CONFIDENCE New BSC Model to gain superior confidence is the course offered by udemy for all those who want to know more about this topic.

Self Confidence. Self Esteem. Social Success. Avoid perfectionism, self sabotage and comparison Become a success magnet

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The course professor Mert Burian

The SELF CONFIDENCE New BSC Model to gain superior confidence course is taught by Mert Burian. For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

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Mert Burian started his career with Gillette as an Assistant Brand Manager in 2003 in Turkey and soon got promoted to Brand Manager position at Procter&Gamble after successfully finishing assignments at Oral Care and Hair Care categories. While working full time, he realized he has a passion for training and growing people. He began coaching his colleagues and direct reports. Also he started leading corporate training. He trained more than 5000 people in various topics like Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Body Language, Digital Marketing and Work/Life Balance. He is also a qualified official corporate trainer for “7 habits of highly effective people”.

SELF CONFIDENCE New BSC Model to gain superior confidence

Description about SELF CONFIDENCE New BSC Model to gain superior confidence

SELF CONFIDENCE New BSC Model to gain superior confidence Hi my name is Mert Burian. I am specialized in helping people build their self confidence and self esteem Having self confidence means feeling positive about what you can do, and not worrying about what you can’t do, but having the will to learn. When you feel confident there is no doubt, no comparison with others, no fear of failure, no worry about what others are thinking. Good news is you can learn the skills to become more confident in life so that you could have more chances of achieving your dreams. Working on your self confidence and self esteem with my course will enable you to take on new challenges, to trust yourself in difficult situations, to go beyond your perceived limits, to tackle things you have never done before and to make full use of your natural talent and capability. Self confidence and self esteem will give you the courage not to worry about the consequences of failure. You will learn to focus on what you can do, and about positive outcomes you will achieve, rather than worrying about what you can’t do and what might go wrong. This is exactly the level of self confidence and self esteem that I would like you to achieve In this course I am going to take you through a self confidence development model that I have created – the BSC model – which will help you focus on turning your unconscious bad behaviors into good skills so that you can boost your level of self confidence and self esteem. Also, you will find easy to follow and short lessons produced with high production quality and supported with many exercises, self-assessment tests, quizzes and visual content. I designed this training for people who wish to develop a more positive inner talk, to become a success magnet, to realize their real worth and to advance their social skills such as starting a conversation and small talk. I am looking forward to seeing you as part of my student community. Come on in and join my course now and break free of what is holding you back! Here are some testimonials from the self confidence course takers: – Very good overview of possibilities to improve self-confidence – Irene G. – Very good and insightful, though it is a short course it can take years to properly assimilate and practice the information contained. Thank you very much – Ettienne H. – I find this training quite practical and to the point. I felt a lot of empathy as I was progressing, and I had very quick wins – BaharA. – Reviewed this course before recommending it to someone else but found some helpful information for myself – Klaus M

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