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Learn Piano/ Electronic Keyboard/ Synthesizer by Ritesh Kumar Udemy

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Learn Piano/ Electronic Keyboard/ Synthesizer is the course offered by udemy for all those who want to know more about this topic.

Learn Basics of Notes, how to play Chords (Majors and Minors), Happy birthday song with both hands (chords and melody)

Surely some are looking for a free course on this subject; However, we can assure you that the most important teachers in the field have rated this udemy course as one of the best for how concrete and explanatory it is.

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The course professor Ritesh Kumar

The Learn Piano/ Electronic Keyboard/ Synthesizer course is taught by Ritesh Kumar. For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

Learn more about Ritesh Kumar:

I am a Music Teacher with 15 years experience in offline and 5 years online music teaching experience. I have done my certification in Music from Trinity College, London in Western Classical and in Indian Classical Music from Prayag Sangeet samiti Allahabad. I am a Bachelor or Arts and also hold a diploma in elementary education. I have done several Live shows with Celebrities Like Padma Shree Kailash Kher ji as a Guitarist & Keyboardist. My area of expertise are Guitar, Electronic Keyboard and Piano.

Learn Piano/ Electronic Keyboard/ Synthesizer

Description about Learn Piano/ Electronic Keyboard/ Synthesizer

This Is a course which is specially designed for kids, children and Aspirants of all ages. Everyone who loves music and want to learn how to play Piano, Electronic Keyboard or a Synthesizer this course is going to be very useful for them. In this course students will learn how to play the Piano or Electronic Keyboard or Synthesizer,  the basics of Music, Notes, About natural notes, Sharps & flat notes, octaves, Major Chords, Minor Chords, Happy birthday Song with both hands after completion of this course and lectures students will be able to play chords and melodies on the keyboard or piano. This is a crash course of only 4 lectures for the beginners. It is good for even those who don’t know anything about music and want to start from the very basic to start playing the chords and songs on a keyboard or a Piano. To start with you will have to watch the first video which is of 28 mins in which you will be taught about the Notes in Music through the help of a casio. If you don’t have a keyboard at home you can open a virtual piano online and Lea through this video. Later in the next 3 videos you need to have the instrument with you. It can be an electronic keyboard or a piano or Synthesizer. These videos will help you how to play keyboard with both hands and start improving yourself on the keys after learning the chords.

Score according to professionals: 3.5

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