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Software project risk management for dummies

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The course professor Abdul Rahim Khurram

The Introduction to Software Project Risk Management course is taught by Abdul Rahim Khurram. For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

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Abdul Rahim Khurram is Software Architect, Scrum Master , Project and Product Manager , Entrepreneur and a IT Consultant with over 9+ years of Experience in IT . Abdul Rahim Khurram has a Master’s degree in Computer Science And Software Project Management. He Has successfully Delivered 300+ Projects to various Clients across the globe.

Introduction to Software Project Risk Management

Description about Introduction to Software Project Risk Management

This course covers the basic concepts of Software Project Risk Management and important elements that Identifications, Analysis, Mitigate and Track and personnel need to be  aware of when implementing Software Project Risk Management in any software project. This is a complete Course of Software Risk Management divided into 7 Chapters Include Risk Identification Risk Analysis Risk Mitigation Risk Tracking After this course you can apply the concept you have so for in your company and organization or even in your projects this course is for those student and professional who are about start their career in IT or even this course is design for university student which can get benefit from understanding the basic concept of risk Risk management is a process of managing risk across the project product and organization level or even from business point of view it help us to control the probability of loss during and after the project there are four basic way to tackle risk in every domain which are define above in Risk identification we identify risk and in analysis phase we analyze the risk in mitigation phase we remove or reduce the chance of loss or impact of risk in track we track the output of risk from day one to last day or even after completing project This is the fun course to learn and will help you learn the basic concept of managing and handling risk in your project and company and/or organization

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