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How To Fix Your Golf Slice! by Rick Davis Udemy

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How To Fix Your Golf Slice! is the course offered by udemy for all those who want to know more about this topic.

A Simple Guide To Help The High Handicap Golfer Hit More Fairways.

Surely some are looking for a free course on this subject; However, we can assure you that the most important teachers in the field have rated this udemy course as one of the best for how concrete and explanatory it is.

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The course professor Rick Davis

The How To Fix Your Golf Slice! course is taught by Rick Davis. For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

Learn more about Rick Davis:

Multiple award-winning Producer/Director Rick Davis, has been working in the television broadcast industry for over 30 years. Although Rick works primarily in the sports genre, he has also garnered attention for his documentary work and efforts with charitable organizations.

How To Fix Your Golf Slice!

Description about How To Fix Your Golf Slice!

How to Fix Your Slice! is a step-by-step method for eliminating the most embarrassing shot in golf. This thirty-minute program will help you: Cut through confusing technical jargon. Overcome common misconceptions. Gain 10-20 yards off the tee. Play with confidence. The first key to a consistent golf game is long, straight Drives. The tee shot affects all parts of the Game. This program is divided into four distinct sections: Part One illustrates the essentials of an effective grip. Armed with this knowledge, you can build your ideal grip. Part Two reveals the keys to a consistent address position with every club. The address position accounts for seventy percent of the swing. Part Three explains common technical vernacular (like outside-in and over-the-top) that are confusing for the “average” golfer. Part Four is a Review and case study. Meet Randy, a “real” student who learned how to conquer a wicked slice. If he can do it, so can you. Are you ready to join the elite ten percent of golfers who break 90 consistently? Grab your Driver and let’s get started! Questions? Please send me an email: I look forward to helping you play better than you ever thought possible! Dave. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee .  You are backed by Udemy’s 30 refund policy.  No Sweat.

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