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The Esthetics with Efficiency course is taught by CADEC (CEREC Asia). For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

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我們最大的希望,便是牙科專業人員 能從我們多年累積的經驗與知識中獲得提升。

Esthetics with Efficiency

Description about Esthetics with Efficiency

-Course Theme: Esthetics with Efficiency -Course Outlines: The difficulty in esthetic dental restoration in the anterior region lies in its unpredictability. But people are not as unique or subjective as we think. In this lecture, Dr. Hsuan Chen will illustrate how he streamlines the entire treatment process, from diagnosis, to design, to delivery, with a systematic approach. He will talk about how to meaningfully convert a patients cosmetic need into clinically-relevant references for ceramic selection and smile design. Other important topics that this lecture will touch upon are the significance of color precision and the tools necessary to communicate with the dental lab efficiently. By removing variability with a guided approach, esthetic restoration can be achieved with high consistency. -Speaker: CADEC Speaker Dr. Hsuan Chen -Information: CEREC Ultimate Experience: CEREC’s digital dentistry event, the biggest occasion of its kind in Asia, will include clinical education, Hands-on workshops, Live demos, clinic management and marketing, a dentistry exhibition, and an opportunity for countless fans of digital dentistry to meet. To support dentist and dental technician during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Digital Dentistry Association of Taiwan will facilitate the online digital dental conference: 5th CEREC Ultimate Experience. By participating in the online digital dental conference, you can advance your digital dental skills with our any limitations. Join the biggest CEREC event in Asia! Register now!

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