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Elevator Pitch Mastery- Answer “What Do You Do” Successfully is the course offered by udemy for all those who want to know more about this topic.

Learn Step By Step HOW to Create and Master Your Elevator Pitch To Be Remembered, Respected and Liked

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The Elevator Pitch Mastery- Answer “What Do You Do” Successfully course is taught by Sandy Gerber. For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

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Sandy Gerber’s passion for communications evolved from her early career as a marketer, but her fascination with how people connect (or fail to connect) through words began when she was a child. An award-winning marketing and communications expert, Sandy has over 20 years of experience in revitalizing the marketing and messaging for companies of all sizes, including some of North America’s most beloved brands.

Elevator Pitch Mastery- Answer

Description about Elevator Pitch Mastery- Answer “What Do You Do” Successfully

Imagine, being excited to talk about your business or life to new people and get them interested or even, excited to know you. Picture , answering the “What Do You Do?” question with ease and confidence. Now imagine , the satisfaction you will feel easily talking about yourself, your product or service and growing your business. See the sales results you will achieve , when you are equipped with an Elevator Pitch that feels natural and easy to deliver. This is quite possibly my best kept secret… The Elevator Pitch Mastery isn’t anything new…. As a matter of fact, as an award-winning marketer, I’ve been telling business owners what to say to grow their businesses for over 20 years now… And as a result, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of people to achieve marketing and sales success. But I was dedicated to working 1 on 1 with business leaders who could dedicate significant time and money to afford my marketing and sales expertise and I wanted to help way more people to succeed in their businesses… And because of this, I wasn’t able to give the experience to tens of thousands of people… So, I created something special… Introducing the Elevator Pitch Mastery… What is Elevator Pitch Mastery? The Elevator Pitch Mastery is an online training program for people who: Operate a business selling products or services to consumers or businesses Want a better way to explain what you do to potential customers and stand out from your competitors Want to improve your sales and networking results Need an easy and confident way to introduce yourself to new people Need to be shown HOW to create an Elevator Pitch Want to create your Elevator Pitch quickly and on your own time If you want someone to break the process down for you, step-by-step, to show you how to improve your sales and get more customers and referrals using your Elevator Pitch, this course is for you. You know you NEED an Elevator Pitch, but HOW do you create one? Most of the Elevator Pitch resources online tell you the importance of a good Elevator Pitch, but they don’t show you HOW to create one. In this course, you go through a step-by-step process to develop your Elevator Pitch. ·       Learn How to Say What You Do with Confidence ·       Create Your 6 Must Have Elevator Pitch Components ·       Learn HOW to Create YOUR Personalized Pitch Message ·       Understand the 3 Types of Elevator Pitches ·       Discover How YOU are Different in Your Industry ·       Determine WHY People NEED to Buy from You ·       Learn the 4 Purchase Motivators of Every Buyer ·       Identify How to State the EXACT Results You Create for Your Customers ·       How to Package your Elevator Pitch – Putting it Together So It Flows ·       How to Deliver your Personalized Elevator Pitch with Ease and Confidence ·       Be Prepared for Success with Elevator Pitch Usage & Practice Tips and Tricks This course shows you exactly how to create your unique personalized Elevator Pitch. You will be taken through a detailed walk-through, with supporting documentation, exercise and guides to successfully produce your Elevator Pitch. Why Elevator Pitch Mastery Works So Well The course helps you get the work done that you need to do to create a great pitch that is unique for you and acts as a form of accountability to yourself… When you combine it with an online community, it adds an even stronger layer of accountability… …It also doesn’t hurt that it is step-by-step. The Course is Backed by Science of The Emotional Appeal Theory I’ve created the Elevator Pitch Mastery course using the Emotional Appeal Theory created by Roy Garn in the 60s. Garn, known as the pioneer of direct mail marketing, created the four types of “emotional appeal” – four ways to motivate people to action… What does that mean? One pitch does not work for all people! Sales people have been using this theory for decades to achieve incredible sales results. I call these emotional appeals the “4 Buyer Motivat…

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