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Alexa Echos and Dots For Beginners is the course offered by udemy for all those who want to know more about this topic.

The missing manual for your Alexa Echos and Dots — Grocery Lists, Timers, Connect to BlueTooth, Automation and More!

Surely some are looking for a free course on this subject; However, we can assure you that the most important teachers in the field have rated this udemy course as one of the best for how concrete and explanatory it is.

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The course professor James Hurst, ADHD

The Alexa Echos and Dots For Beginners course is taught by James Hurst, ADHD. For those who do not know, this author is one of the best trained on this subject. He has lectured many times, taught at major institutes, and enjoys a high reputation from his colleagues.

Learn more about James Hurst, ADHD:

Hello!  I’m James and I have over 15 years experience in IT.  I am a full-time AWS Solutions Architect and Trainer for Brigham Young University.  Before that I was a Java Developer on the Les Schwab Tires Point of Sale Project. I hold the Solutions Architect Associate Certificate from AWS and look forward to teaching you all things Amazon Web Services!

Alexa Echos and Dots For Beginners

Description about Alexa Echos and Dots For Beginners

In this course I’ll take you step by step into the new and exciting world of Amazon Alexa devices.  In the only course of its kind you follow along with me and the iPhone companion app displayed along side the Amazon Alexa devices.  We’ll get you setup and connected to your home’s WiFi.  We’ll talk about Bluetooth and grocery lists and the built in intercom system that comes when you have multiple devices.  Come and check out one of the hottest devices on the market today. This course is sure to be just the ticket for beginners, and the advanced users will be pleasantly surprised as well!

Score according to professionals: 4.7

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